The Travel Program includes all age group: There are teams with seven year old up to twelve year old that are competing in JSS, NYCSL. In addition they play in both indoor and outdoor tournaments throughout the year. The players in the travel team are separated by their year of birth but it is possible for a player to play in a higher age group if he/she has the required abilities.

This program runs from September through June using various appropriate indoor and outdoor facilities throughout NYC area to develop the players properly. For all age groups, spots are very limited. Number of players per team depend on the age group. In case there is more players expected in a particular age group, two teams will be formed. Players are divided into the teams based on their capabilities. Each team being directed by two coaches, a manager, practice two to three times per week in a positive, engaging, encouraging environment and play league games on weekend, and also participating in a number of tournaments around NYC area to measure their skills level and individual improvement.​

Technical Approach

The making of a sound soccer player is achieved through a combination of technical, physical, tactical and mental development of the player. in this regard, City Soccer pro aim to raise the standards and expectations by offering an innovative approach in order to challenge each player to continually grow and be fully developed over the years. 

At this stage, players are introduced to organized soccer training. The focus is primary on strengthening player’s individual skills and techniques, concentrating on age-appropriate sessions to develop imagination of the young player to identify the best solution during the action and have the technique that allows to implement it.  

City Soccer Pro is committed to bring great educators as coaches. Although each coach might have his/her own methodology but our common long term goal is to develop payers through a specific culture and philosophy that value player development instead of a culture that focuses solely on winning games. Each coach receives specific instruction from the coaching director which s/he has to respect to instruct the players. 

Factor Of Success

Our coaches aim to develop sound soccer players through a specific culture and philosophy by creating a secure and supportive atmosphere that focus on participation, enjoyment and leaning. We have developed a comprehensive list of soccer competencies (skills, techniques, knowledge, and comprehension for each stage of development. Each age group promotes a different focus in our player development curriculum that offers parents the assurance of knowing there is a plan to guide a child’s soccer playing experience from the time they enter the program to the end of their youth playing experience. 

Part of this planning process is the regular player assessment to enable coaches to know the player’s ability and take the necessary steps to provide appropriate instruction and feed back the parents how a player is progressing and identifies how the parents can help in the player’s development. In addition, City Soccer Pro keeps records of each player from the time he/she is admitted to the program to help them successfully move from stage to stage.

Player Development Continuum 

  • Soccer like all team sports, involves both elementary and sophisticated technique and tactics.
  • Primary importance is coaching players in the concepts of the game.
  • Secondary importance is coaching specific tactics to execute the principle of play.
  • Gradually broadening player’s awareness of space and the use of space on the field will lead to more enjoyable and attractive soccer.

To raise standards, performance and expectations. City Soccer Pro have developed the three-stage development model, an adaptation of the long term soccer development model that details the framework, aims, objectives and contents to help parents understand the steps, performance, the expected outcomes and the focus on teaching the game, education, training and evaluation are very important.

Through this framework we offer an approach where every player has the opportunity to succeed by becoming serious about their development. To us, this become a mission which we call CSP Development that is focused on nurturing players to achieve end of stage goals and attain targets.

U7 – U8
2 years +/_
120 – 200 Hours
U9 – U10
2 years +/_
150 – 320 Hours
U11 – U12
2 years +/-
150 – 360 Hours
Players who turns 6 or will turn 7 or 8 this current year.
Main focus on ball mastery and agility, balance, co-ordination, movement patterns.
Teach in playful environment.
Players who turns 8 or will turn 9 or 10 this current year.
Main focus on ball mastery and individual skills development.
Teach in demanding environment.
Players who turns 10 or will turn 11 or 12 this current year.
Main focus on ball mastery and group skills development.
Teach in a competitive environment.
Development Cycle:
Development Cycle:
Development Cycles:
Focus on different kind of run, individual technique and skill development

Focus on group tactic, combination play, transition, crossing, finishing.Group tactic reinforcement and introduction to team tactic: Focus on combination play, switching play, formation
General exercise for stimulating the individual techniques combine with exercise to develop awareness, teamwork, confidence, sportsmanship and overall age appropriate soccer terminology and concepts.

General exercise for stimulating the individual techniques combine with exercise to continue to reinforce the spatial awareness previously taught. Develop decision making skills and overall age appropriate soccer terminology and concepts.

General exercise for stimulating the individual techniques combine with exercise to continue to reinforce group and team tactic and overall soccer concepts.

Learn the marking on the soccer field and the halves of the field, definition of the starting zone.

Tactical awareness and understand the vertical spaces of the field.Tactical awareness and understand the 3rd of the field.
Focus on basic movement paths and passing routes.
Roles of the first attackers and first defenders

Focus on Zonal position training. Roles of the second attackers and defenders.Introduction to formation, emphasis on quality of the technique, assess the balance between the 3rd and develop collective performance.
All position training

Training format: 1v1 to 6v6
Game Format: 4v4 to 6v6
Player Assessment: 2 per year

Zonal position Training

Training format: 4v4 to 7v7
Game format: 5v5 to 7v7
Player Assessment: 2 per year

Group position Training

Training format: 4v4 to 11v11
Game format: 7v7 to 11v11
Player Assessment: 3 per year

Field Most common used

Seaview Park Parade GroundMarine ParkRed Hook