This program designed for children in Kindergarten through 8th grades to give them the opportunity for a successful start in education and sport regardless of gender, family composition and community. In response to this significant disparity, City Soccer Pro is created the School District League to provide quality soccer program in each school district around New York City area for students to have equal opportunity to participate in organized soccer.

Through this program we strive to develop community, great players, amazing people by teaching age appropriate soccer skills to develop imagination, game play, knowledge to understand the basic rules of the game, build confidence, strengthen physical fitness and character development all in a fun, educational environment. This program also acts as a recruitment platform for players to join our travel teams program.

While we attempt to group children from the same school, this may not be possible due to level appropriate and total registered players in each grade, schools represented. 

Each team being directed by one coach, a manager, practice once per week and play league games on Saturday morning to measure their skills level. All practices and games are held at your local park, other location may be added based on final league size.  Grade K – 1st have a combined practice/game session once a week while 2nd graders and older practice once a week and play game every other weekend. The detailed game schedules will be published two weeks before the beginning of each season.

Uniforms, Needs and Restrictions

Players will receive a high quality uniform (jersey and shorts ) at the opening meeting the first week before the season begins, and required to wear them at all times during practices and games. Players must wear soccer cleats and shinguards for their safety.


We have created The “Talent Development Center” which is a part of our long term vision that focused on developing great soccer player and not winning games. This program is an essential choice for talented players ages 5 – 9 who are looking for a more engaging and demanding environment to pursue soccer as their sport of choice and move to the next level.

This program offers during FALL, WINTER and SPRING season of each year, designed to identify and develop great players in a fun, engaging and challenging environment possible. Enrollment to this program is upon selection from our regular weekly classes. By accepting a spot for this program, parents and players MUST commit for the whole year in order to limit performance regression and develop players competencies in movement and fundamental ball skills to become the best players they can possibly be.

Selected players are invited to attend the Talent Development Center Program team in their town. Each Town will have a team of each category, form with players born in the same calendar year. Each team will have a maximum of 7 players and receive one training session per week and play small sided games town against town every weekend at a designated game field where all the games will take place. The teams also participate in many local tournaments throughout the year under the leadership of one of our experienced coaches.

The goal of this program is to nurture each player to the point of being confident and comfortable within the game to assess situations quickly through thinking and movement, develop awareness, team concepts and game skills through a higher level of soccer instruction. This program also acts as a recruitment platform for our travel teams programs.

Top players from each town are invited to join the travel team of their age to start competing in the most notable league around the Metropolitan area such as JSS, NYCSL, CJSL and play State Cup games.

Each player will receive a full kit including one jersey with number in the back, a pair of shorts, socks. All players MUST wear shinguards and cleats to all practices and games. ​​

Talent development center practice/game location

Seaview Park Parade GroundMarine ParkCentral park
Age categories: U5/U6, U7/U8, U9Age categories: U5/U6, U7/U8, U9Age categories: U5/U6, U7/U8, U9Age categories: U5/U6, U7/U8, U9


The Travel Program includes all age group: There are teams with 7 year old up to 11 year old that are competing in JSS, NYCSL. In addition they play in both indoor and outdoor tournaments throughout the year. The players in the travel team are separated by their year of birth but it is possible for a player to play in a higher age group if he/she has the required abilities.

This program runs from September through June using various appropriate indoor and outdoor facilities throughout NYC area to develop the players properly. For all age groups, spots are very limited. Number of players per team depend on the age group. In case there is more players expected in a particular age group, two teams will be formed. Players are divided into the teams based on their capabilities. Each team being directed by two coaches, a manager, practice three times per week in a positive, engaging, encouraging environment and play league games on weekend, and also participating in a number of tournaments around NYC area to measure their skills level and individual improvement.​

Technical Approach

The making of a sound soccer player is achieved through a combination of technical, physical, tactical and mental development of the player. in this regard, City Soccer pro aim to raise the standards and expectations by offering an innovative approach in order to challenge each player to continually grow and be fully developed over the years. 

At this stage, players are introduced to organized soccer training. The focus is primary on strengthening player’s individual skills and techniques, concentrating on age-appropriate sessions to develop imagination of the young player to identify the best solution during the action and have the technique that allows to implement it.  

City Soccer Pro is committed to bring great educators as coaches. Although each coach might have his/her own style but our common long term goal is to develop payers through a specific culture and philosophy that value player development instead of a culture that focuses solely on winning games. Each coach receives specific instruction from the coaching director which s/he has to respect to instruct the players. 

Factor Of Success

Our coaches aim to develop successful people that leads to sound soccer players and great team through a specific culture and philosophy by creating a secure and supportive atmosphere that focus on participation, enjoyment and leaning. We have developed a comprehensive list of soccer competencies (skills, techniques, knowledge, and comprehension for each stage of development. Each age group promotes a different focus in our player development curriculum that offers parents the assurance of knowing there is a plan to guide a child’s soccer playing experience from the time they enter the program to the end of their youth playing experience. 

Part of this planning process is the regular player assessment to enable coaches to know the player’s ability and take the necessary steps to provide appropriate instruction and feed back the parents how a child is progressing and identifies how the parents can help in the player’s development. In addition, City Soccer Pro keeps records of each player from the time he/she is admitted to the program to help them successfully move from stage to stage.


Seaview Park Parade GroundMarine ParkCentral park
Age categories: U7/U8, U9/U10, U11/U12Age categories: U7/U8, U9/U10, U11/U12Age categories: U7/U8, U9/U10, U11/U12Age categories: U7/U8, U9/U10, U11/U12


City Soccer Pro Premier program is a program designed for players ages 12 – 17 years old that are seen as apprentices on route to reach the highest level in the game of soccer. Our goal is to combine sport, personal development and also academic education, instill in players the firm knowledge that to become an elite players is extremely challenging. City Soccer pro has only three age categories, the U13, the U15 and the U17 that are competing at regional and national levels. Each category consists of about 16 – 20 top quality and carefully selected players primary through our travel program, and are also scouted and invite to enter if they have the requirement to become an Elite player.

​This program runs from September through June using various indoor and outdoor locations throughout NYC area. Each category is being directed by two coaches, one manager and practice three to four times per week in a professional and more demanding environment. The teams play league game on weekends. In order to provide flexibility to both players and parents, some games are held in the morning or afternoon.

Technical Approach

At this stage players must be completely educated in the areas of ball control and must commute to training easily. Through this program, players are exposed to elite soccer training. At this stage we focus on establish dynamic techniques in terms of speed with the ball, combination, physical conditioning, flow and precise combinations. The players start being taught specific skills for specific position to maximize efficiency to succeed. Any down time will be used for players to take on advices about nutrition, performance reports to ensure that they are well prepared. 

The teams start to play 11 a side matches with basic formations of 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-1-4-1. During practice teams start to learn the tactical principles of zonal defense, pressing and fast transition play. The Players are encouraged to play with minimal touches of the ball to speed up the flow of the game as much as possible, change the intensity of the game as well as force the opponent to make mistakes. 

Practice Session Includes

City Soccer Pro works to produce players who are able to play at the highest level, anywhere; therefore, our goal is to present final product at the best way possible.  During training, coaches create a competitive attitude with a focus on:

  • Tactical skills development
  • Development of collective performance 
  • Team movement in block
  • Special technical exercises for ball control and passing
  • Emphasis on quality
  • Stabilizing physical capacity 
  • Small sided game 


Seaview Park Parade GroundMarine ParkCentral park
Age categories: U12/U13, U14/U15 U16/U17


City Soccer Pro Academy is a cost-free program designed for talented players in NYC aged from 16 to 18 that are dedicated to play either college soccer or reach the highest level of the beautiful game. Our goal is to combine sport, personal development and also academic education, instill in players the firm knowledge that to become an elite players is extremely challenging. City Soccer Pro has only two Development Academy Teams: U-16 and U-18 of about 20 – 25 players. Academy players are evaluated two to three times per year to ensure they are developing properly. At the beginning of each season, the coaches assess each Academy players and keep record of every one to measure their performance at the end of the season and receive feedback from our professional staff to have a greater understanding of the game and know what they need to do to achieve their optimal performance. Each player needs to prove himself during the entire yeah to secure his spot.

Technical Approach

The players practice for a minimum of three times a week at Parade Ground Park from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm, and play game on weekends in the Eastern New York Soccer League. They also play a number of friendly and tournament throughout the year to play against top youth club. The Academy has an interesting and fruitful relationship with some of the top colleges across the country to expose our players. College placement for our players will remain a priority and we will place a large number into college programs by developing sound soccer players

The Academy remains focused on training and developing top class players. All training session last for two hours. 

– 30 minutes of fitness, body strengthening exercise with the fitness coach

– 90 minutes of  training session including body relaxing exercises. Coaches place emphasis on team tactic where intelligence in the game, movement and speed are keys.


Seaview Park Marine ParkParade Ground Central park