City Soccer Pro Premier program is a program designed for players ages 12 – 17 years old that are seen as apprentices on route to reach the highest level in the game of soccer. Our goal is to combine sport, personal development and also academic education, instill in players the firm knowledge that to become an elite players is extremely challenging. City Soccer pro has only three age categories, the U13, the U15 and the U17 that are competing at regional and national levels. Each category consists of about 16 – 20 top quality and carefully selected players primary through our travel program, and are also scouted and invite to enter if they have the requirement to become an Elite player.

​This program runs from September through June using various indoor and outdoor locations throughout NYC area. Each category is being directed by two coaches, one manager and practice three to four times per week in a professional and more demanding environment. The teams play league game on weekends. In order to provide flexibility to both players and parents, some games are held in the morning or afternoon.

Technical Approach

At this stage players must be completely educated in the areas of ball control and must commute to training easily. Through this program, players are exposed to elite soccer training. A start is made on establish dynamic techniques in terms of speed with the ball, combination, physical conditioning, flow and precise combinations. The players start being taught specific skills for specific position to maximize efficiency to succeed. Any down time will be used for players to take on advices about nutrition, performance reports to ensure that they are well prepared. 

The teams start to play 11 a side matches with basic formations of 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-1-4-1. During practice teams start to learn the tactical principles of zonal defense, pressing and fast transition play. The Players are encouraged to play with minimal touches of the ball to speed up the flow of the game as much as possible, change the intensity of the game as well as force the opponent to make mistakes. 

Practice Session Includes

City Soccer Pro works to produce players who are able to play at the highest level, anywhere; therefore, our goal is to present final product at the best way possible.  During training, coaches create a competitive attitude with a focus on:

  • Tactical skills development
  • Development of collective performance 
  • Team movement in block
  • Special technical exercises for ball control and passing
  • Emphasis on quality
  • Stabilizing physical capacity 
  • Small sided game 


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