The Brooklyn School District Soccer League is designed for children in Kindergarten through 8th grades to give them the opportunity for a successful start in education and sport regardless of gender, family composition and community. In response of lack of understanding on developing young players properly, City Soccer Pro creates the League to provide quality soccer program in each school district throughout New York City for students to learn how to play the right way and have equal opportunity to participate in organized soccer and succeed.

Through this program we strive to develop community, great players, amazing people by teaching age appropriate soccer skills to develop imagination, game play, understand the rules of the game, build confidence, and character development all in an educational environment. This program also acts as a recruitment platform for players to join our Talent Center, The School District Cup, and the Summer International District Tour program to compete in the most notable league throughout the City and around the world.

School District League

Register As Individual To Play And Represent Your School.

While we attempt to group children from the same school, this may not be possible due to level appropriate and total registered players in each grade, schools represented. 

Each team being directed by one coach, a manager, practice once per week and play league games within the district to measure their skills level. All practices and games are held at your local park, schools, other locations may be added based on final league size.  K, and 1st grade have a combined practice/game session once a week while 2nd thru 8th graders practice once a week and play game every other weekend. Please find below your district to see the detailed practice/game schedules of each season.

Best players in each grade in the District will form teams to represent their District in the District Cup where District will be played against District.

Uniforms, Needs and Restrictions

Players will receive high quality uniform (jersey and shorts ) at the opening meeting the first week before the season begins, and required to wear them at all times during practices and games. Players must wear soccer shoes and shinguards for their safety.

Register for the School District Soccer League

Huge opportunity to represent your school. Don’t forget to invite classmates, friends to do the same and be on the same team.

Winter Season

  • Dec 8th – Feb 9th, 2019
  • Day Saturday
  • Price: $160


District 20, 21, 22 @P.S 207 Elizabeth G. Leary School

District 18, 19, 23 @P.S 233 Langston Hughes School

District 13, 15, 16, 17 @P.S 139 The Rugby School

District 15 District 16District 17 District 18
District 19
District 20
District 21District 22District 23
Fee $160Fee $160Fee $160Fee $160Fee $160Fee $160Fee $160Fee $160Fee $160

School District Cup

In addition to School District League, CSP runs the Brooklyn School District Cup. This program is a supplemental select program runs at the end of the fall and spring season for players who have been playing in the league. We select players based on skills, attitude and academic performance. Selected players of each age group will be invited to join the DISTRICT ALL-STAR SELECT team of that age group to represent the District in the District Cup.

Summer International District Tour

This program is only available for players 6th – 8th grades who have been selected to play in the District Cup.

This program runs for 3 weeks during summer time providing a group of 16 selected players within the District Cup the opportunity to compete in an international tournament, enhance the experience of history, art, global experience, and represent their school, community and City Soccer Pro.

2019 International Tour

  • Where: Dominican republic
  • 5 days, 4 nights
  • June 26th – July 2nd, 2019
  •  3 meal per day & Accommodation

Previous Tour

Fort de France, 2017
Cayman Island Airways Cup, 2018

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