We have created The “Talent Developmental Center” which is a part of our long term vision that focused on developing great soccer player and not winning games. This program is an essential choice for talented players ages 4 – 7 who are looking for a more engaging and demanding environment to pursue soccer as their sport of choice and move to the next level.

This program offers during FALL, WINTER and SPRING season of each year, designed to identify and develop great players with a quick and complex execution of technical and tactical elements that become automatic and subconscious through repetition

Through this process , a player can have more time to think and will make better and more creative decisions during play. Enrollment to this program is upon selection from our regular weekly classes. By accepting a spot for this program, parents and players MUST commit for the whole year in order to limit performance regression and develop players coordination and technical development successfully and constantly to become the best players they can possibly be.

Selected players are invited to attend the Talent Developmental Center Program in their town. Each Town will have a team of each category, form with players born in the same calendar year. Each team will have a maximum of 8 players and receive one training session per week and play small sided games every weekend at a designated game field where all the games will take place. The teams also participate in many local tournaments throughout the year under the leadership of one of our experienced coaches.

The goal of this program is to nurture each player to the point of being confident and comfortable within the game to assess situations quickly through thinking and movement, develop awareness, team concepts and game skills through a higher level of soccer instruction. This program also acts as a recruitment platform for our travel teams program.

Top players from each town are invited to join the travel team of their age to start competing in the most notable league around the Metropolitan area such as JSS, NYCSL, CJSL and play State Cup games.

Each player will receive a full kit including one jersey with number in the back, a pair of shorts, socks. All players MUST wear shinguards and cleats to practice and games. ​​

Talent Developmental Center Practice/Game Schedule

Seaview Park Parade GroundMarine ParkBergen Beach / GeorgetownConey Island
Age categories: U6 (4-5) ; U7 (6-7)Age categories: U6 (4-5) ; U7 (6-7)Age categories: U6 (4-5) ; U7 (6-7)Age categories: U6 (4-5) ; U7 (6-7)Age categories: U6 (4-5) ; U7 (6-7)