City Soccer Pro is a Brooklyn based soccer program established in 2014, a proud member of U.S Youth Soccer, Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer league (CJSL), and also a New York City FC Youth Affiliate Club.

CSP operates in the five boroughs of NY exposing players from U5 through U18 to age and level specific curriculum to become sound soccer players. The club organize school’s district league throughout NYC area, also has a youth travel program for players aged 6 – 12 that competes in the most notable leagues around the metropolitan area and a teen program for players aged 13 – 18. The teen program features both a Premier Program for players aged 13 – 15 and a cost-free  Academy Program for players aged 16 – 18.

Vision & Philosophy

When talented players are detected at a young age, we make sure these talents receive appropriate instructions to reach his/her full potential by providing highly professional training (Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental). The model that CSP works on is to represent as a sort of laboratory that produces sound soccer players to deliver great performance and run the game, it goes without saying that the players produced by City Soccer Pro have to be intelligent, skillful and tough individuals.

Players are mainly recruited through our regular Creativity Soccer Pro classes, Clinics and Camps. A smaller number are also recruited through the scouting structure of the program. The keys factor required for a player to be selected are his talent, his motivation and his intelligence.

​There is also a very strong NYC element to the program, with local players forming team in each borough. The motto for our academy is “For The Game, City And Tomorrow” this create a strong identity within our various teams.


To nurture talents to be able to understand the most beautiful game and play at the highest level.
To form players who are proud to have worn the City Soccer Pro colors.
To train youth to develop sportsmanships like character on and off the field


The quality of the fields being played on is very crucial for the technical development of players in general. City Soccer Pro uses various quality fields, gymnasiums (in winter), park throughout the entire NYC area to provide exceptional grounds for training to maximize the potential of the players.

Our Staff

City Soccer Pro staff consists of a group of dedicated individuals, many of whom have coached and played and currently play at the collegiate and professional level. The coaches and staff are strongly committed to the development of our players by helping each one reach his/her full potential to succeed on and off the field.

Head Coach

Mikel Gjoni U7
Lukasz P. U7
Donny Alerte U8, U11
Yvener Guerrier U9, U12
Roland Denis U10, U13
Daniel Tardieu U17, U19
Wilbert Leveille U15


Jonathan L. Florent Executive Director
Yvener Guerrier Director of Coaching
Marcus Dorce Director of Operation
Daniel Tardieu Program Coordinator
Enrique Mendes Head of Athletic Trainer
Donny KingHead of Goalkeeper Coach
Rene Florent Program Development Manager

Assistant Coach

Alex Milfort
Anne – Sue Williams
David Meiu
Evens Prophete
Jules Donaus
Andrew Patterson
Nicolas Perry